Zubayr bin Awwam (R)

Zubayr bin Awwam (R)

So I will present some valuable information from his biography, which will reveal his identity to you. And I will briefly describe the event of his death. So let’s first know something about his birth and early life.

Zubayr bin Awwam (R) and his birth and early life

His famous name was Zubayr, and his nickname was Abu Abdullah. His title was Hawariyu Rasulillah (i.e. the constant companion of the Messenger of Allah). And he was born in Mecca in 594 AD, 28 years before the Hijrat. His father’s name was Awwam bin Khuwailid, and his mother’s name was Safiyya bint Abdul Muttalib. His mother was Muhammad’s father’s sister. According to that source, he is the cousin of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). His father was dead in the Fujjar War. And he spent his childhood as an orphan.

His mother did her best to make him a hero, self-controlled, self-confident. From a young age, he became a wrestler.

Zubayr bin Awwam (R) and his acceptation Islam

Among those who accepted Islam at the hands of Abu Bakr (R) were Zubayr bin Awwam, Usman bin Affan, Talha bin Ubaydullah, Saad, Abdur Rahman bin Awf and others. They all went to the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him). And among them was Abu Bakr (R). Allah’s Messenger (peace be upon him) introduced Islam to them. He recited the Quran in front of them. He informed them of the truth of Islam, of the dignity which Allah had promised them. As a result, they became believers and accepted the truth of Islam. These were the people who first accepted Islam. They performed the Salah, attested to the Messenger of Allah, and believed in what he had brought from Allah. [Dala’il al-Nubuwwah, volume 2, page 165]

His career

Zubayr (R) was a skilled businessman. He has benefited a lot from his business. He had a thousand slaves. They used to earn a lot every day. From here, he did not spend a single penny for himself but used to donate the entire money. He was so rich that he had a lot of immovable wealth at the time of his death. He also had many houses in different places. Despite being rich, he was very naive about clothes.

His married life

He had seven wives. Their names are 1. Asma bint Abu Bakr (R), 2. Zaynab bint Bish’r, 3. Umm Khaled bint Khaled bin Sayeed, 4. Rabab bint Anif, 5. Umm Kulsum bint Uqba, 6. Atiqah bint Zayd and 7. Tamadir bint Al Asbag. But he divorced four wives among them. Their names are: Asma bint Abu Bakr (R), Umm Kulsum bint Uqba, Atiqah bint Zayd, and Tamadir bint Al Asbag.

The names of the sons of Zubayr (R) are 1. Abdullah, 2. Urwah, 3. Al Munzir. Their mother’s name is Asma bint Abu Bakr (R).

4. Amar, 5. Khalid. Their mother’s name is Umm Khaled bint Khaled bin Sayeed. 6. Mus’ab, 7. Hamza. Their mother’s name is Rabab bint Anif. 8. Ubaidah, 9. Ja’far. Their mother’s name is Zaynab bint Bish’r. Without them, the other sons of Zubayr (R) had died before him.

And the names of the daughters of Zubayr (R) are 1. Khadiza Al-Kubra, 2. Ummul Hasan, 3. Ayesha. Their mother’s name is Asma bint Abu Bakr (R). 4. Habibah, 5. Sawdah, 6. Hind. Their mother’s name is Umm Khaled bint Khaled bin Sayeed.  7. Ramlah; her mother name is Rabab bint Anif. 8. Hafsah; her mother’s name is Zaynab bint Bish’r. And 9. Zaynab; her mother’s name is Umm Kulsum bint Uqba. [Fath al-Bari, volume 1, page: 293] 

His qualities

Zubayr bin Awwam (R) had many virtues like generosity, charity, trustworthiness, benevolence, etc. He fought sincerely in the way of Allah. And indeed, he did not lag in any war. Cowardice never touched him. When Muawiyah (R) asked Abdullah bin Abbas (R) how Talha (R) and Zubayr (R) were like as individuals? he said, ‘May Allah have mercy on both of them.’ They were both very restraints, virtuous, righteous, surrendered, pious, purify themselves, and martyred.

Narrated Hadiths number

Zubayr bin Awwam (R) was very careful in narrating the hadith. He has narrated very few hadiths despite being the constant companion of the Prophet (peace be upon him). When his son Abdullah bin Zubayr (R) asked him about this, he said, “I have never separated from Allah’s Messenger since I accepted Islam.” But I heard a saying from him, “Whoever intentionally lies to me, let him make his abode in Hell.”

However, in the Musnad Baqi ibn Makhlad, there are 38 hadiths narrated in his source. There are two hadiths in Sahihain. And Imam Bukhari has narrated seven hadiths alone. [Siyar A’lam al-Nubala, volume: 3, page: 48]

Some of his words

  • The one among you who can keep the secret of good deeds for himself, then he should do it.
  • Do not argue with people by the Qur’an, for you can’t argue with them, but you must adhere to the Sunnah.
  • It is better in the world and in religion to give up the things I fear (dire) consequences for the sake of Allah.
  • My biggest worry is my debts. O my son, sell our property and pay my debts.
  • Allah is my Master.

His death

During the battle of the Camel, Zubayr bin Awwam (R) was Ali (R)’s opponent. One day Ali (R) addressed Zubayr (R) and said, O Zubayr! I give swear by Allah to you, have you ever heard the Messenger of Allah (may Allah bless him and grant him peace) say, ‘Indeed you will fight me; In this case, you are an oppressor to me (that is, you will fight Ali unjustly)?’ Zubayr said, “Yes.” (I heard the Messenger of Allah, ‘peace be upon him’ say this). And in this place, I have recalled it (right now. It was not in my mind before). Then Ali (R) left.

Then Zubayr (R)’s mind changed. He refrained from fighting against Ali (R). When his son met him, he said to him coward, coward. Then Zubayr (R) said to his son; People know that I am not a coward. But Ali (R) reminded me of something I heard the Messenger of Allah speak. So I swear I will not fight against him.

He then moved to a place called Safwan (towards Basra). A man came to Ahnaf bin Qays and said that Zubayr bin Awwam (R) is in Safwan (a place name). Umayr bin Jurmuz, Fudala bin Habes, Nufa’i heard this news. Then they continue to look for him. After there, Ibn Jurmuz came from behind Zubayr (R) and hit him. Then they all attacked him and killed him.

When Zubair’s killer took Zubayr’s severed head to Ali (R), then Ali (R) noticed Zubayr’s killer and said O Bedouin! Your abode is Hell. The Messenger of Allah (may Allah bless him and grant him peace) informed me that the killer of Zubayr would surely go to Hell. [Siyar A’lam al-Nubala, volume: 3, page: 44 – 45]

According to another narration,

Zubayr (R) repeated his return from the battle of Camel. Then Amr bin Jurmuz, Fudala bin Habes, and a third man, Nufa’i, came to him in Wadi Sebaa (a place name). So Amr bin Jurmuz, while Zubayr (R) was asleep, turned to him and killed him. And this happened on Thursday, the tenth day of the month of Jumu’ah al-Awwal, in the year 36 AH. He was 67 years old that day.  [Al-Bidaya wa’l-Nihaya, volume: 8, page: 333]

 Our Dua

May Allah bless us so that we may exalt his religion, sacrifice our lives for his satisfaction and accept his and his Prophet’s every message as soon as we hear it. Ameen.


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